test laboratory

  • Testing to the highest standards

    22 July 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    You may not be aware that your mobile phone or your tablet will have undergone a series of stringent tests before commercialization. These tests are designed to make sure that electrical or electronic devices can...
  • Peer assessment programme enhances global certification scheme

    15 March 2019 by Antoinette Price
    From household appliances to office equipment and medical devices, when we purchase electronic products, we expect them to function properly and to be able to use them safely. We assume that this has been taken care of...
  • Nailing safety

    21 March 2017 by Antoinette Price
    Power tools are lighter, perform better and last longer, thanks to improved cordless battery technology, benefiting professionals in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and construction, and amateurs alike. This booming...