• Use cases are central to standards for active assisted living

    26 November 2020 by Morand Fachot
    The IEC System for active assisted living (IEC SyC AAL) Working Group 1 on user focus, defines use cases that take into account the needs of the user, including end users or an organization relevant to the SyC AAL. It...
  • IEC Systems committee for active assisted living expands scope

    23 November 2020 by Morand Fachot
    The IEC Systems Committee (SyC) concept covers different domains and technologies rather than single ones. Its work begins at the systems level rather than at that of individual products and supports the investigation of...
  • Independence Day

    21 June 2017 by Catherine Bischofberger
    Using new technology and gadgets to help the elderly and people with disabilities stay independent in and outside the home is the approach favoured by most health specialists, not to mention policymakers and governments...