supply chain

  • Innovations in the time of COVID-19

    12 February 2021 by Claire Marchand
    In the 20th century, wars and other catastrophic global events wreaked havoc and at the same time, were the triggering factor for technological, medical and scientific innovations that, most of the time, have benefitted...
  • Missing parts

    15 July 2019 by Catherine Bischofberger
    IEC Technical Committee 56: Dependability, recently published a second edition of IEC 62402 which establishes requirements for obsolescence management applicable to any company or organization.
  • Form and substance

    15 January 2019 by Catherine Bischofberger
    A new edition of IEC 62474 makes chemical substance reporting easier for suppliers and manufacturers in the supply chain, helping them meet regulatory requirements.
  • Keeping track of things with RFID

    15 January 2019 by Antoinette Price
    RFID plays a key role in streamlining supply chain management applications, as the digitization of industries advances.
  • Protecting supply chains against cyber attacks

    15 June 2018 by Mike Mullane
    In recent months, a number of international studies and reports have highlighted an alarming increase in cyber attacks targeting the supply chain. One such survey, conducted in the Americas, Asia and Europe, suggests...