quantum computing

  • Five things everyone needs to know about quantum computing

    13 January 2021 by Michael A Mullane
    It is only the power of hindsight that allows us to grasp the full significance of breakthroughs in science and technology. The first powered flight, for example, lasted only 12 seconds and covered less than 40 metres...
  • Setting standards for the future of quantum computers

    3 August 2020 by Michael A Mullane
    Quantum computing is a relatively young technology that promises to spearhead a wave of disruption that will transform the way we we live and work. Governments, universities and corporations are investing billions into...
  • Computing: getting ready for the quantum leap

    15 July 2019 by Michael A. Mullane
    Engineers and scientists around the world are racing to build quantum computing devices capable of achieving quantum supremacy, which is broadly defined as solving problems that today’s computers cannot. Quantum devices...
  • Being prepared for quantum computing

    15 January 2019 by Michael A. Mullane
    One of the MIT’s best-known physicists, Seth Lloyd, uses a musical analogy to explain quantum computers. Classical computation, he says, is like a solo voice that produces a series of pure tones which form a single...
  • Standards for key information technologies

    15 January 2019 by Antoinette Price
    The Internet of Things (IoT), increased connectivity and advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, such as algorithms and machine learning are enabling industries to streamline processes, improve efficiency...