IEC Affiliate Country Programme

  • A closer look at an affiliate country - Namibia

    24 September 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    Through the IEC Affiliate Country Programme, developing and newly industrialized countries can participate in the IEC standardization and conformity assessment work. Through its global reach, the programme increases the...
  • Interview with IEC Affiliates Leader Rojas Manyame

    24 September 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    The IEC Affiliates Country Programme, launched in 2001, provides developing and newly industrialized countries with a platform to participate in the IEC community. Affiliate countries can learn how to benefit from...
  • IEC presence on five continents

    15 July 2018 by Claire Marchand
    Since the beginning of the 2000s, IEC Central office in Geneva, Switzerland, has decentralized some of its activities, establishing regional offices first in North America, then in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and lastly...
  • Growth and changes

    21 August 2017 by Claire Marchand
    The Affiliate Forum has been part of the IEC General Meeting (GM) agenda since 2009 and is a great opportunity for Affiliate delegations to meet, exchange views, share experiences and discuss common challenges and best...