• A new standard to help mitigate the effects of a disaster

    19 June 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    No city can operate without electricity. In homes, electricity is used to power lights, refrigerators, washing machines and water pumps. It is used for trams, signalling systems, medical equipment in hospitals and...
  • Upcoming global events (March 2018)

    15 January 2018 by Claire Marchand
    The IEC regularly supports key global and regional industry events, which can present the IEC endorsement on their website and materials.
  • Digitization: direct impact on standardization

    20 August 2017 by Gabriela Ehrlich
    In his address to Council, Frans Vreeswijk, IEC General Secretary & CEO, reminded the audience that digitization is a key focus for both industry and standards organizations. Standards will play a key role in the...
  • Energy efficiency to recover power for the future

    21 June 2017 by Morand Fachot
    Energy efficiency (EE) is the most important and easily available source of energy; it can be collected along the entire energy chain, from generation, transmission and storage to final use in industry, homes or...