Affiliate Conformity Assessment Status

  • A closer look at an affiliate country - Namibia

    24 September 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    Through the IEC Affiliate Country Programme, developing and newly industrialized countries can participate in the IEC standardization and conformity assessment work. Through its global reach, the programme increases the...
  • Interview with IEC Affiliates Leader Rojas Manyame

    24 September 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    The IEC Affiliates Country Programme, launched in 2001, provides developing and newly industrialized countries with a platform to participate in the IEC community. Affiliate countries can learn how to benefit from...
  • Strengthening participation

    21 June 2017 by Claire Marchand
    Each year sees an increase not only in the number of countries participating in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme but also in the number of International Standards adopted as national ones, national electrotechnical...
  • Morocco steps up standardization activities

    21 May 2017 by Antoinette Price
    The IEC National Committee of Morocco (COMELEC), held a successful forum to enhance stakeholder awareness of IEC Conformity Assessment Systems in Casablanca, in May.