IECEE certification benefits diverse industry sectors

Enhancing services through international partnerships

Over the past year, IECEE has been considering several partnerships with other organizations which could enhance certification activities in the area of energy efficient products, sustainable lighting and certain aspects of industrial automation.

Time sensitive network for industrial communications
Industrial communication relies on time sensitive networks (TSN) (Photo: Siemens)

Quality testing

Following ITU interest to work with IEC to provide conformity assessment solutions for testing laboratories associated with ITU recommendations. IECEE, the System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components, has established a joint working group. It is expected that the two organizations will sign a memorandum of understanding.  Once established, the new programme and approach will ensure high quality outcomes from qualified testing laboratories and a standardized methodology that will lead to consistent application of ITU recommendations.

Sustainable lighting

IEC standardization and conformity assessment (CA) activities cover many technologies, including the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. This also includes the products and systems that use that electricity, as well as their interoperability, environmental impact, performance and safety.

IECEE membership is considering a potential partnership with the United Nations United for Efficiency (U4E) programme, related to testing and certification to regulatory models for developing countries, with an initial focus on luminaires. U4E aims to partner with stakeholders who have a specific interest in moving markets to energy-efficient products, in order to contribute to reducing the world’s growing electricity consumption and protect the environment.

A large number of IEC International Standards address the needs of the lighting industry requirements for tests, safety and electromagnetic compatibility for lamps, lamp systems and all related accessories. IECEE tests and certifies performance and safety issues for a wide variety of lamps and luminaires and their accessories.

Time sensitive networks

At the request of industry, preliminary discussions are underway related to potential IECEE services for testing and certification harmonization for time sensitive networks (TSN). This would be based on the upcoming joint international standard (IEC/IEEE 60802), which defines time-sensitive networking profiles for industrial automation, including select features, options, configurations, defaults, protocols, and procedures of bridges, end stations, and LANs to build industrial automation networks. Such a programme could potentially lead to a partnership with IEEE.

Functional safety

Based on an expressed need by industry, IECEE established a new programme to define market relevant solutions and services related to functional safety in the IECEE CB scheme. The new proposed functional safety programme is limited to three standards: IEC 60947-5-3 and IEC 60947-5-5 – related to discrete hardware only – and IEC 61800-5-2 – safe torque off function related to discreet hardware only – with the focus on IEC 61508, which comprises methods on how to apply, design, deploy and maintain automatic protection systems known as safety-related systems.

Cyber security

The need for manufacturers to demonstrate that their industrial automation equipment complies with regulations led to IECEE developing a testing and certification programme to address the expanding requirement for conformity assessment (CA) solutions for cyber security in this sector.

The service provides a framework for assessments in line with the IEC 62443 series of international standards on security for industrial automation and control systems. The series generally specifies requirements for security capabilities, whether technical (security mechanisms) or process (human procedures) related.

To achieve this, two evaluations can be done, of an applicant’s security capabilities, which are used to develop, integrate and/or maintain specific products or solutions.

  • evaluate an applicant’s ability to provide IEC 62443 compliant security capabilities
  • evaluate that IEC 62443 compliant security capabilities have been applied to either a specific product, automation solution or industrial automation control system.

Successful recipients receive the IECEE industrial cyber security capability certificate of conformity.

Certification of personnel competency

Increased human-machine interfaces, the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, and the use of robotics in industrial and commercial arenas has heightened the need for risk mitigation. In this context, engineers must be able to evaluate risks and access methodologies that will enable them to test and certify the safety and functionality of such equipment and systems.

IECEE is developing a conformity assessment market solution, based on this need, to have qualified personnel conducting the evaluations of the functional safety of industrial installations and equipment. 


IECEE comprises 22 categories of electrical equipment. The schemes test the safety, quality, efficiency and overall performance of electrical and electronic components, devices and equipment for homes, offices, workshops and health facilities, to ensure they comply with IEC International Standards.