Taking the next step

The IEC Future Leaders Industry Forum

Recognizing the need to ensure continuity in its standards development and conformity assessment activities, the IEC has, since 2010, reached out to up and coming young experts active in a variety of technological sectors through the IEC Young Professionals Programme and its annual workshop, held in conjunction with the IEC General Meeting.

2017 Young Professionals in Vladivostok
The IEC Future Leaders Industry Forum gives IEC Young Professionals an opportunity to support the IEC MSB market and technology watch activities

A new opportunity for IEC Young Professionals

This year the Commission and its Young Professionals (YP) Programme is proposing a new initiative to give IEC YPs an opportunity to support the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB) market and technology watch activities. The IEC Future Leaders Industry Forum will bring together IEC YPs who are experts in security in smart Infrastructures to share their insights on what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for the IEC in this area. The Forum will take place in Munich, Germany, on 26-27 March 2018 and the outcomes will be published in a technology insight paper. 

The forum will be sponsored by MSB member Siemens and will be moderated by VDI/VDE Innovation + Technology GmbH (VDI/VDE-IT), a leading service provider for issues related to innovation and technology. 

Before and during the Forum 

Participants will be invited to discuss the following topics related to security in smart infrastructures and to make recommendations to IEC:

  • Current industry landscape
  • Top innovations that are expected to shape the industry in the coming years
  • Anticipated standardization needs
  • Anticipated conformity assessment needs 

The following IEC National Committees have selected Future Leaders (from their IEC YPs) in the area of security in smart infrastructure to take part in the Forum: Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and USA. 

Benefits for Future Leaders and their employers

Participants will have the opportunity to network with top experts in security in smart infrastructures, learn more about IEC work in their specific field and influence future IEC standards development, conformity assessment and market strategy work  through the technology insight paper’s recommendations. 

Employers will help support the IEC market and technology watch activities which influence the future of IEC standardization and conformity assessment activities. They will also obtain advanced knowledge of the latest IEC developments in their field. 

Both Future Leaders and their employers will gain exposure within the IEC community by appearing in the paper. 

The Forum

The Forum will start in the afternoon of 26 March with an industry visit to the Siemens IT/cyber security lab, which will include a demonstration of a cyber attack on a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) controller. A networking opportunity will then be offered in the evening during a welcome reception. 

The next day will be entirely dedicated to discussions on security in smart infrastructures leading to the development of the technology insight paper capturing the essence of the discussions.