Is your IEC Standards library up-to-date?

New Webstore features help identify new editions, amendments or withdrawn publications

The IEC Webstore, the one-stop shop for the purchase of IEC International Standards and other Publications, is now offering its customers new features that should help them keep up-to-date with their collections of IEC Standards.

Does your library of IEC publications need an update?

Until recently, customers who wanted to stay informed of new publications or amendments to existing publications could receive a monthly email alert, subscribe to the Just Published RSS feed, or consult the list on the Webstore homepage (where the pre-releases (PRV) are also announced). But at any given time, customers had to manually check their own publications to find out whether there had been any change in their status. 

Starting in 2018, customers who have already bought standards can check directly from their previous orders whether their library of IEC publications is still valid or needs updating. 

How to proceed

On the library section of their account page, they can see if a new edition has been published by clicking on the publication number:

New IEC publication available

Similarly, they can see if an amendment to a specific publication has been issued, in which case the Consolidated Version (CSV) of the Standard is also available:

New amendment and CSV

They can find out if a publication has been replaced by another:

IEC publication replaced by another

Or learn that a publication has been withdrawn:

IEC publication withdrawn

The service is available for publications bought since April 2015, when the new IEC Webstore was launched. 

Easy access to main information

Another new feature introduced recently deals with the information available for each publication. Whereas previously the full abstract was displayed on the page – some publications had very long texts – now only the first few lines are shown and you can click on “Show more” to read the text in its entirety. This offers potential or returning customers easier access to all information on any given publication.

The Sales and Customer Service team is always looking for ways to make visiting and purchasing from the Webstore a user-friendly experience.