IEC and FINCA join forces

Cooperation agreement signed by the two organization

On 13 October 2017, during the 81st IEC General Meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, the Commission signed a cooperation agreement with FINCA, the Forum of the IEC National Committees of the Americas.

IEC-FINCA signing ceremony
FINCA President Fabián Yaksic (left) and IEC General Secretary & CEO Frans Vreeswijk signed the IEC-FINCA cooperation agreement

Active cooperation

Cooperation between IEC and FINCA will cover cross representation and exchange of technical information in the fields of standardization and the development of electrotechnology. The objectives set by the agreement aim at:

  • Promoting communication between IEC and FINCA
  • Promoting the use of IEC International Standards in response to market demands
  • Ensuring transparency of the standardization process to facilitate world trade
  • Accelerating the standardization process to meet market demands
  • Making rational use of available resources in standardization activities
  • Facilitating implementation of agreements already reached for the nations and regional economic communities of the Americas
  • Increasing the involvement of experts from the region in IEC committees 

Sharing information

Under the terms of the agreement, the IEC will provide the FINCA Chair with access several sections of the IEC website, including the IEC Directory, the catalogue of IEC Standards and databases covering the status of all technical projects, as well as public information such as IEC e-tech and the Annual Report. All those may be shared with FINCA members. 

Access to IEC Council, Standardization Management Board (SMB) and Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) documents will be granted to the FINCA Chair only. 

FINCA will provide the IEC with the FINCA Directory, bylaws, reports of any FINCA subgroups, minutes of the FINCA meeting and, upon request, of certain sub-group meetings. 

In addition, a FINCA representative will be invited to attend, as guest, the Council and SMB plenary meetings during the annual IEC General Meeting. In reciprocity, an IEC representative will be invited to attend the FINCA annual meeting. 


The Forum of the IEC National Committees of the Americas (FINCA) was set up in October 2007 in Ottawa, Canada, with the intention of meeting once a year, always in the weeks preceding the IEC General Meeting. 

Its founding members were the IEC National Committees (NCs) of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Chile joined the Forum in 2010 and Colombia one year later. FINCA membership is open to all American countries that are full members of IEC. Participation in the forum is also open to all associate members and affiliated countries of the IEC in the region. 

The rationale governing the creation of the Forum was to establish a strategic collaboration between NCs in the region, share information, and become the voice of the Americas in the IEC community.

The next FINCA annual meeting will be held in Mexico City in September 2018, when Peru will be welcomed in its first participation as full member of IEC.