World Standards Day 2017

Celebrating the work of experts worldwide

On October 14, members of IEC, ISO and ITU will be celebrating World Standards Day 2017. The day is an occasion to honour the experts thanks to whose time and commitment International Standards come into being. 

World Standards Day 2017 winning poster
The winning World Standards Day 2017 poster was designed by Reza Rahimian

Cities are smarter thanks to International Standards

This year’s theme is “Standards make cities smarter”, a reference to the enabling role International Standards play in the deployment of smart technologies and services within cities.

Building a smart city is a highly complex task, requiring many devices and systems to work seamlessly and safely together. International Standards provide the foundation for electricity access and all the many devices and systems that use electricity and contain electronics. They support the information and communication technologies that enable data collection, exchange and analysis, and information security. Last but not least they provide important guidance for all aspects of city life, including energy-efficient buildings, intelligent transportation, improved waste management, building sustainable communities and much, much more.

World Standards Day competition

As every year, the World Standards Cooperation organized a competition inviting members of the public to submit designs for the World Standards Day 2017 poster and video. Submissions for both were reviewed by the three organizations and the shortlisted posters and videos put up for public vote.

Reza Rahimian from Iran won the poster competition with his design depicting “a combination of interwoven lines in the brain as a recognizable symbol of intelligence, and a dense city map”.

Gabriel Hernández from Mexico received the most votes for his short video “Benefits of Smart Cities”.

The winning poster and video will be used worldwide to acknowledge and pay tribute to the collaborative efforts of the thousands of experts who develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as International Standards.