Smart and sustainable utilities enabled by standardization

IEC Chair for Systems Committee on Smart Energy gives keynote address

Richard Schomberg, Chair of the IEC Systems Committee (SyC) for Smart Energy and IEC Ambassador, spoke at the Metering India - Towards smart and sustainable utilities event in New Delhi, organized by the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) and endorsed by IEC.

Richard Schomberg, IEC Ambassador
Richard Schomberg, Chair of the IEC Systems Committee for Smart Energy gives keynote address

Transformation through industry digitalization

Utilities, consultants, businesses, regulators and manufacturers discussed how information and communication technology can make Indian power utilities more sustainable. Topics covered metering, communication technologies, demand-side management, IT infrastructure and sustainable business processes.

The rapid evolution of Smart Energy

Schomberg explained that in order to realize the full potential of Smart Energy, utilities need to modernize their infrastructures, improve operations and enhance cost efficiencies first, with the ultimate goal of becoming customer-centric companies that can offer more value-added services to the end-consumers.

“A strong Smart metering infrastructure with robust advanced data management is most of the time a foundation for flexibility and customer engagement. It then enables the full value of a modernized grid benefiting from digitalization, and decentralization”.

The fast pace of technology development, coupled with blooming Smart Energy initiatives means the electric meter now sits at the crossroads of Smart Energy and has become very critical. One of the great challenges is the complexity and deep impact of large scale deployment.

A systems approach is the way

Against this backdrop, Systems engineering and open International Standards will be necessary to pre-resolve the complexity of smart metering technology. This would comprise the harmonization of Standards and specifications for device level interoperability across nations.

“IEC is pioneering the system approach for smart energy, and is committed to deliver an enabling portfolio of technical International Standards for sustainable development on all dimensions”, said Schomberg. The work of IEC SyC for Smart Energy includes providing systems level standardization, coordination and guidance in the areas of Smart Grid and Smart Energy, including interaction in the areas of heat and gas.