Raising awareness on IEC standardization work

IEC TC 40 public website paves the way for outreach from other IEC TCs

Recently several IEC Technical Committees (TCs) expressed the wish to have their own website to present specific TC activities that may be of interest to the general public.

IEC TC 40 website homepage
TC 40 is the first IEC Technical Committee to use a public website to promote its standardization work

Pilot project with TC 40

On the IEC website, every TC and Subcommittee (SC) already has a dashboard which shows all technical information on standardization projects together with contact details and meeting information. 

While this is essential information for persons already involved in standardization projects, we understand that, to reach out to the general public, the information presented should have a few different options and be edited by the Technical Committee directly. 

In a pilot project with IEC TC 40: Capacitors and resistors for electronic equipment, we have created a template for a new IEC TC website. TC 40 is the first TC using it publicly. 

The concept of this pilot project is to evaluate giving IEC TCs a low maintenance tool to promote their work to the general public. 

Creating, publishing and updating made easy

Since the Technical Committee is responsible for regularly updating the content, it is very important to have a team or person within the committee responsible for these regular updates. 

Built on WordPress, an open-source platform used by millions around the world, the TC website template is very user-friendly. 

In addition, for those experts in charge of creating, publishing, maintaining and updating the TC website, a guide has been prepared that explains, step by step, how to add text and links to existing pages; how to upload a blog post; how to add images or embed videos in pages and posts; and, for administrators, how to add new users. The guide also contains an FAQ section as well as guidelines providing best practice and recommendations for those who wish to use social media networks to communicate on their TC. 

What do you think about this approach?

If your Technical Committee is interested in creating and maintaining a website, please send a mail to IEC Community Manager Jan-Henrik Tiedemann: jti@iec.ch.