Upcoming global events (February-May 2017)

On the agenda: cyberspace, Smart Grids, metering, IECEx and LVDC

The IEC regularly supports key global and regional industry events, which can present the IEC endorsement on their website and materials.

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International Conference on Cyberspace, Energy & Development – Protecting Critical Energy Infrastructure

Vienna, Austria, 16 February 2017 

On the agenda: interaction of cyberspace, energy and development, based on key findings on security issues, including promoting awareness of collaborating in energy sector, developing capacity against cyber threats and more. 

More information on the conference website 

India Smart Grid Week 2017

New Dehli, India, 07-10 March 2017 

India's electric utilities, policy makers, regulators, investors and world Smart Grid/Smart City experts will discuss technology trends, cyber security, standards and interoperability of equipment and systems, EV charging infrastructure, RE, smart microgrids for transport and more. 

IEC participants benefit from a 10% discount. 

More information on the event’s website 

SGTech Europe 2017 - Smart Grid Technical Forum

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 28-30 March 2017 

On the agenda: smart substations, next generation SCADA, and packet telecoms. 250+ automation directors and their teams will look at utility case-study presentations, have technology panel discussions, interactive roundtable debates, and more. 

IEC participants benefit from a 10% discount, using the promo code SGTECH-17-IEC. 

More information on the Forum website 

Metering India 2017 - towards smart and sustainable utilities

New Delhi, India, 6-7 April 2017 

Utilities, consultants, businesses, regulators and manufacturers will look at how ICT can make Indian power utilities more sustainable. On the agenda: metering, communication technologies, demand-side management, IT infra, sustainable business processes and more. 

More information on the event’s website 

2017 IECEx International Conference

Shanghai, People's Republic of China, 11-12 April 2017

On the agenda: an overview of IECEx and its three Schemes and the IECEx RTP programme; an update on IEC International Standards for Ex atmospheres; a practical approach to Ex installations; area classification’s importance in the design of new plants and changes to existing plants and infrastructure; intrinsic safety; end-user feedback; the conclusions of a UNECE Global Study into regulations for the Ex field; and more. 

More information on the conference 

LVDC Conference – Sustainable Electricity Access

Nairobi, Kenya, 22-23 May 2017 

Organized by IEC and Kenya Bureau of Standards. Technical experts, government representatives, funding agencies, investors, insurance companies, power utilities, equipment manufacturers and NGOs will learn about what is driving LVDC development, how to safely and broadly roll-out this technology, the role it will play in universal energy access and economic development, use-cases from other countries and more. 

More information on the conference website