Aiming for 100% interoperability

Standards are part of the solution to make smart everything fully connected

The past year may not have seen significant breakthroughs in the tech world but 2017 is promising some interesting technological developments.

fully connected smart city
Standardization is part of the solution to make the IoT fully connect everything everywhere

Internet of things (IoT), voice recognition, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, home automation: what was once science fiction is now reality. The technology is here, all it takes to really take off and become mainstream is interoperability. 

We all possess a number of smart devices and appliances but too often, we realize that they cannot “talk” to one another. Standardization is a good part of the solution to make the IoT truly connect everything, everywhere without glitches. Once that condition is fulfilled, the IoT and all it brings with it will become really popular, be part of our environment and embedded into our lifestyle in a big way. 

No need to wait until every new product is connected to everything else. We can rest assured that standards developers are hard at work to make it happen. In the meantime, we can still enjoy some of the technological advances the tech world is rolling out on a – almost – daily basis. Whether in the home, at work, when exercising or relaxing, the offer is so vast that we can all find the object that will make our life better, more efficient or more fun.