New standards

  • Breaking silos with the Digital Factory framework

    30 September 2020 by Michael A Mullane
    Until Napoleon’s army came across a large slab of rock buried under the foundations of a building in the Nile Delta, in 1799, nobody knew how to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Thanks to the discovery of the Rosetta...
  • Helping to picture sound measurements

    23 September 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    For most of us, a plot is what keeps us reading a detective story until the end but there is another more technical meaning to the word which is well known to all those who work in areas related to sound and hearing.
  • Testing to the highest standards

    22 July 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    You may not be aware that your mobile phone or your tablet will have undergone a series of stringent tests before commercialization. These tests are designed to make sure that electrical or electronic devices can...
  • New IEC standard to help people with disabilities

    11 June 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    We live in a world which does not often take the needs of most people with disabilities into account. While progress is gradually being made, many of the consumer electronics appliances we use every day are not designed...
  • An economic tool to assess AAL services

    9 June 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we all had to stay at home more than usual, our households becoming the ultimate refuge against the virus. Everybody felt safer in confinement, but especially vulnerable groups: the...
  • Making the grid smarter

    2 June 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    The goal of SDG 13 is to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Relying on renewable energies wherever possible helps to reduce CO2 emissions, which goes some way towards achieving this objective.
  • Living in a direct current world

    15 March 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    Many IEC Standards are paving the way for a direct current (DC) world. The most recent edition of IEC 60947-1 is a foundational standard for industrial switches and controlgear, which includes much improved testing...
  • The age of hydrogen

    15 January 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    As concerns over climate change escalate, the case for using clean sources of energy becomes obvious. Renewable energy (RE) generation is gaining ground year on year. Many of these RE sources fluctuate, however, and are...
  • Long and winding wires

    15 November 2019 by Catherine Bischofberger
    Millions of kilometres of winding wires are produced every day – enough to go around the earth at least ten times! IEC Standards make sure they are used safely in millions of devices. They also pave the way for future...
  • New ground-breaking standard saves time and money

    15 September 2019 by Catherine Bischofberger
    IEC Technical Committee 106 has published the first edition of IEC 62209-3, a standard which considerably speeds up the measurement of radio frequency (RF) fields from wireless communication devices and their impact on...
  • Missing parts

    15 July 2019 by Catherine Bischofberger
    IEC Technical Committee 56: Dependability, recently published a second edition of IEC 62402 which establishes requirements for obsolescence management applicable to any company or organization.
  • Energy efficient standards for offshore units

    15 May 2019 by Catherine Bischofberger
    IEC Technical Committee 18: Electrical Installations for ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units, has published a major revision of the IEC 61892 series of standards, key documents for the safety of offshore...