• Environmental concerns to drive cleaner shipping

    17 March 2021 by Morand Fachot
    Shipping has always been central to human economic activity. It has many benefits, but also a major drawback: a significant adverse environmental impact owing to its use of oil-based fuels. Major changes are underway to...
  • Using data to assess the circular economy

    7 December 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    Access to data helps make better informed decisions. Recent technology developments now make it possible to collect and store vast volumes of data for analysis. Combined with the use of artificial intelligence, data can...
  • Safeguarding the credibility of IEC Standards

    30 November 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    Consumers rely upon government regulations to ensure that manufacturers adhere to conditions regarding the safety and performance of their products. Increasingly, governments have set requirements on issues related to...
  • Safety for nuclear energy

    18 September 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    Nuclear energy might be the source of all evils for environmental activists, but for many countries around the world it is a key option to meet the targets set by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
  • Energizing the planet

    31 July 2020 by Antoinette Price
    Who would have imagined that the world would grind to a halt in 2020? COVID 19 global pandemic lockdown measures have restricted personal movement and greatly disrupted travel, commerce and production activities...
  • IEC approach to energy efficiency

    30 July 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    The efficient use of energy has long been considered an unexploited energy resource. According to the International Energy Agency (IAE), energy efficiency is the ‘first fuel of a sustainable, global energy system’. But...
  • The power of hydro

    17 July 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    Pierre Maruzewski has been nominated Chair of IEC Technical Committee 4: Hydraulic turbines, until end of November 2026. He gives us his outlook for the hydro sector over the coming years as well as his priorities as new...
  • Is the time ripe for geothermal energy?

    9 July 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    When most people think of renewable energies, they generally picture solar panels on roofs or wind turbines on the top of breezy hills. One source of renewable energy that tends to be a little under the radar is the heat...
  • Enabling electricity access for all

    2 June 2020 by Catherine Bischofberger
    According to the United Nations (UN), 840 million people in the world still do not have access to electricity, and most of them - around 580 million - live in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • IEC Standards and the SDGs

    28 May 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    In 2015, the United Nations defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the foundation for its plan to build a better world by 2030. Also known as the 2030 Agenda, it recognizes that economic development, social...
  • Managing resources to support the UN SDGs

    25 May 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    The circular economy offers a new approach to achieving sustainable economic growth. Replacing a linear model where products are made, used and disposed, the circular economy calls for a reconsideration of how resources...
  • Applying standards to the circular economy

    15 March 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    The circular economy calls for a radical shift in production and consumption. Continual cycles recover and restore products, components and materials through strategies such as reuse, repair, remanufacture and...
  • Giving a new shape to the economy

    15 January 2020 by Natalie Mouyal
    The circular economy calls for a paradigm shift in production and consumption across society. Continual cycles recover and restore products, components and materials through strategies such as reuse, repair...
  • A greener future for manufacturing

    15 November 2019 by Catherine Bischofberger
    Industry is becoming increasingly aware that it contributes to global warming by emitting greenhouse gases (GHG). It also produces waste that can be polluting for the environment and difficult to dispose of. IEC...
  • Batteries for a sustainable world

    15 July 2019 by Catherine Bischofberger
    The work of Technical Committee 21 reflects the changes in battery technology over the last 20 years. Standardizing safety requirements is more essential than ever before.